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Users will be able to track the status of their requests as they move through the system, and supervisors will be able to check the performance of their units. Analytical reports will be available to help decision makers evaluate the performance of the University in meeting its goals. Errors in data and operations will be more easily identified and corrected.

The use of automation will speed up processing of requests and improve accuracy by computerizing processes that involve calculations. It will enable work to be done from anywhere in the world via the Internet. UP faculty and staff will be freed from tedious and repetitive processes, enabling them to spend more time on analysis, research, personal interactions, and similar activities. Savings will come from improved efficiency as well as reduced use of paper.

Reports will be available to decision-makers whenever they are needed, and based on updated data. Authorized users will be able to access integrated reports that combine data from all CUs, yet also be able to drill down to details. It will be possible to create integrated reports using student, employee and financial data combined.

The University’s business processes were analyzed prior to implementation in the core systems. The various practices across the CUs were standardized and simplified whenever possible.