SAIS Network Activity Report Confirms DoS Attack

ePLDT has released additional details on the recent Denial of Service (DoS) attack on SAIS.

The data below shows that network activity peaked on Friday, July 29 – the first day of enrollment for regular students at UPLB. The number of connections on that day was orders of magnitude greater than normal, overwhelming the system and preventing legitimate users from accessing SAIS.

The malicious activity caused extreme hardship to thousands of students who were eager to complete their registration.

The attack was blocked on Sunday, after which network activity diminished significantly, the system stabilized and registration was finally able to proceed.

SAIS Network Report
*Values in the Network Activity by Date – Number of Connections [Thousands] column is to be multiplied by 1,000 (e.g. 8,411.79×1000 = 8,411,790)