University of the Philippines Expenditures on ICT Modernization

In 2012, the University of the Philippines (UP) embarked on a massive ICT modernization effort commonly known as the eUP Project. The project has 5 major components:

  • ICT Infrastructure Development
  • Acquisition/Development and Installation of Appropriate Information Systems
  • ICT Competency Building
  • Policy Formulation, Organization, and Mobilization
  • Benchmarking and ICT Audit

By the end of 2015, expenditures incurred totaled PHP747 M. The largest investment (PHP 313 M or 42%) was on the upgrade of ICT equipment in the various UP constituent universities (CUs) and in the UP System Administration. Investment on bandwidth was also significant (PHP 204 M or 15%), increasing bandwidth to 6.2 Gbps now from 0.14 Gbps in 2010 total System-wide. For UP’s core information systems, including the Student, Finance and HR systems, the expenditures as of Dec. 2015 amounted to PHP 203 M or 27%.

The ICT modernization effort is aimed at achieving greater operational efficiency, improved service delivery, strengthened control, and sound decision-making. Details of the expenditures incurred over the period 2012-2015 are shown below.ICT-Modernisation-Expenditures